Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is XL Communities?

XL Communities is a website that allows you to easily create an online community for your group or organization. Through years of experience with alumni clubs, teams, churches and many other types of groups, we’ve developed an easier and more efficient way for your group to get the most out of having a website.

The way it works is we give you a basic layout for a website. You'll choose the colors for your site and set the default style of text and headings in the initial set-up. After the initial set-up, XL Communities provides you with a powerful admin tool to manage everything about your site. See our feature list for more information about everything that's included.

What if I already have a website?

Great! That’s less work for you! Simply sign up, create a site, and copy and paste all of your content into the new site. It's that simple to get all the features that we offer.

Do I have to know HTML?

No. We give you a site that you customize however you’d like, but the more knowledge of HTML you know, the more elaborate your site can be. Colors, fonts, text, pictures, banners, menu items, different pages, and more can all be added to your site without any HTML knowledge.

How many members can I sign up?

As many as you can get to join! There are no limits and your pricing is not based on the number of members you have.

What are the costs involved?

It's FREE! XL Communities helps you earn revenue for your group while maintaining your site. We work with you to ensure that your club is successful for both you and your members. You only pay if you choose one of our Premium Services.

How do I manage my site?

Once you complete the sign up process, you'll be taken to your new site and you can begin editing it with our unique admin tool. Change the colors and text of your site, add pages, approve members, edit accounts, check your site status, edit messeage boards or photo galleries, change permissions within the site to allow only members to certain pages, create and edit team pages, and many, many more.

What happens if I have a question about operating my site?

Should you need to contact us, we have customer support standing by during regular business hours. Simply log onto your XL Communities account, contact us with your inquiry through your own personal Support link, and we'll contact you immediately. We also provide message boards so that you can ask questions and receive help from our entire customer community.

How can I accept credit cards without signing up with a processor?

XL Communities was designed to simplify all aspects of your site and accepting payments is a large part of that goal. We've tightly integrated with PayPal and Google Checkout so that you can receive payments without the need for long-term credit card processing accounts. We also support credit card processing accounts with Authorize.Net and PayPal (previously Verisign).

I might be interested, but I still have other questions. Who can I contact?

See our Contact Us page for additional questions about XL Communities. We promise to return your inquiry as quickly as possible.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time simply by logging into your account and going to your Subscription Information page. If you've added premium services to your site, you must cancel prior to the beginning of your next billing cycle. If you cancel after your card is charged for the next cycle, we do not issue refunds.