Your group's site will include:
Member Registration Event Calendar
- Secure credit card processing for paid memberships

- Easy and efficient membership sign-up process

- Event Viewer allows members to quickly browse through events

- See event details on the calendar without an extra click
Member Search Event Registration
- Allows members to find one another

- Members choose the option of allowing the site to list their profile in the search results for the member listing
- Enables members to register for both free and ticketed events securely through your own site

- Members can view "Who's Coming" to events and leave RSVP comments for other members to see

- Integration with Google Maps
Member Profiles Message Boards
- Members create and edit their own personal profile through the profile editor

- Members choose the option of allowing all members to view limited or full profile

- Blogs NEW!

- Allow members to communicate to each other as an entire community

- Posts and replies can be edited through the message board manager

- Site admins add new topics for members to discuss and lock topics
Member Messaging Photo Galleries
- Browse through member profiles and send individual members a message

- No e-mail service required - messaging system is built into your group's site
- Members or admins can upload photos to galleries

- Unique design allows members to easily scroll through their favorite photos from your club's events
Friend Lists Unlimited Pages
- Members decide who can view their limited or full profile by adding individual members to their list of friends

- Members who wish to add another to their list, send a request to be added as a friend

- Friend requests can be approved or denied by all members
- Admins can add and customize any content page they wish to add in addition to the existing features of our default site

- Link new pages through existing pages in the site, or add a completely new page to the left nav menu
Team Pages Blogs New!
- Team pages include a customizable news page, detailed schedule page, and a roster page

- Team members join and pay for the season within your site.

- Coach admin tools give the coaches full access to edit everything about their teams.

- Customize the questions asked on the team join page. New!
- Each member can have their own blog, including an RSS feed

- Your site includes a public blog page (and RSS feed) that shows all posted member blogs (great for getting your site to be more interactive)

- Customizable bad word filter to help you maintain your site's policies

- Includes a commenting system and a way for readers to report unacceptable posts
Accept Payments Customizable Payment Pages New!
- Accept VISA or MasterCard transactions without the hassle of signing up for a merchant account

- Complete integration with PayPal and Google Checkout

- Saves you approximately $50/month
- Create as many payment pages as your site needs (great for donations, team payments, etc).

- Customize the entire page, including whether the amount is set or determined by the payer.

- Customize the payment Thank You page as well

Industry-standard Browser Security World-Class Hosting
- Provide your users confidence that their personal information is being protected without the need to purchase your own SSL certificate.

- Saves you up to $350/year
- Your site is hosted on redundant, high-quality DELL servers in a Tier-1 data center.

- Protected by a secure firewall, fire suppression technology, and biometrics.

- Daily backups so you don't have to worry about your data.

Your Admin Tool includes:
Admin Dashboard Page Manager
- Manage your site's status.

- View your account balance and request payments

- View and act on alerts for new member registrations, profile changes, photo uploads, and more.
- Create as many new pages for your site as you'd like. There are no limits.

- Assign simple URLs that work well with the search engines.

- Edit the pages in an easy-to-use graphical tool.
User Manager Menu Manager
- Easily search and find your members.

- Manage every aspect of your user's accounts.

- Now includes blog management. New!
- Powerful hierarchical viewer of your left menu options.

- Add / Remove / Rename your menu items as you see fit for your site.
Email Manager Event Manager
- Customize every email that is sent to your users by the site.

- No need to be stuck with our default emails. If you don't like it, just change it to fit your site.
- Completely manage both free and ticketed events.

- No need to use 3rd-party ticketing sites where your users leave your site. It's all handled by you now.
Photo Gallery Manager Style Sheet Manager
- Create unlimited photo galleries and optionally tie them to events.

- Approve uploaded photos from your users, modify the captions and many other controls.
- Your site is CSS-based so that you can control most of how it looks.

- If you know CSS or are willing to learn, you can make your site look completely different from our defaults.
Bulk Email Tool Email List Manager
- Stay in touch with your users by sending emails to them.

- No limits on how many you can send.

- This tool saves you big $$. Similar functionality to services that cost $500 per sent email.
- Create multiple email lists for your users to opt in to.

- Import user lists

- Opting in and out is completely handled by your users so no more emails to you requested to be removed.
Site Management Message Board Manager
- Manage permissions, search engine settings, and various other site settings to control how your site is used.
- Create as many message boards as you'd like

- Search for and edit/delete posts/threads
Team Manager Custom Payment Manager New!
- Create an unlimited amount of teams on your site.

- Assign coaches so they can administer the team without you having to.

- Many, many cool options to make running a team for your alumni club hassle-free.
- Create an unlimited number of custom payment pages.

- Customize everything about the page in an easy-to-use editor.

- View reports on payments received.