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2008 Qtr 4 is Live

posted by kevin on 11/22/2008 at 8:09 PM

We've just launched the 4th Quarter release of XL Communities and it has some exciting features we'd like you to know about.

Affiliate Program

Now make money for referring customers to XL Communities. When you sign up for our affiliate program and someone uses your link or banner ad to get to our site and create a new community, we'll pay you 25% of whatever we get paid for the life of the customer.

It's very easy to sign up, grab your banners/links and start getting paid. We've also created an Affiliate Center so that you can see in real-time how many banner impressions and clicks you've received as well as how many sites have been created and most importantly, how many fees you've earned. So, sign up today and start telling people about us.

Advertising Manager

Now you can sign up for any 3rd-party advertising vendor that suits you. You'll still use our simple wizard, but it now has more options. You can either simply copy and paste the HTML/Javascript from your vendor into the appropriate places or manage your own ad relationships that you set up for your site. So go ahead and charge whatever you'd like to show ads on your site.

Multiple Calendars And User Events

You can create an unlimited number of calendars for your website and have your users create their own events. A perfect example would be if you'd like to have a standard event calendar and also allow people to schedule resources, such as a conference room. You can even decide which calendars need their events to be approved.

Blog Categories

We've added the ability to categorize blog posts. Your users can create new categories and make their blogs easier to navigate.

Put Blogs on your Home Page

Can't decide what type of content should be on your home page? Well, now you can turn your community into a blogging platform and let your users' postings appear on the front of your site. Simply change the display setting in the Site Settings portion of the Admin Tool.

Show visitors who your members are

Also in the display settings, you can show both the newest and a random sampling or your site's members. You're working hard to build your community so everyone should see that it's growing.

Message Board Hints

Not sure if you want to click on a message board post to see the details just based on the title? Now we'll show you the first 200 characters when you hover the mouse over the title. Why click if it's not something you want to read?

Minor Bug Fixes and Enhancements

As usual, we've included other bug fixes and small enhancements that we've found and worked on throughout the quarter. Make sure you keep reporting things you'd like to see in future releases.